Dan has been my business and leadership mentor for the past year. He has been an invaluable source of knowledge, support, experience and guidance. Each meeting with Dan provides me with practical, relevant and timely actions to help build and grow my business, particularly through the leadership lens.

Having been a teacher for most of my career, and just building my first business, Dan’s wealth of experience as a leader has helped me prioritize critical tasks, reflect on and re-evaluate my thinking, and develop new leadership skills needed as the COO of a growing start up.

Dan is as approachable and thoughtful as he is knowledgeable, making every conversation an easy and a comfortable place for me to take risks and self-evaluate. The frameworks that Dan provides as part of our working relationship always give me good resources to take back to my team to continue to push our conversations and our work forward.

Every time I meet with Dan, I feel like I have walked away with critical skills and steps to continue to grow as a leader. I look forward to continuing to work with Dan as my company expands. His experience, approachable manner, and dedication to supporting me in my own professional growth makes him an outstanding mentor.

Whether you are new or experienced at leading teams, building a business or developing your brand, I can highly recommend working with Dan. He has a special skill for uncovering just what you need at just the right time to help push you in the direction you need to go to meet your goals!