Be Confident in Your Leadership Style


Be Confident in Your Leadership Style

Leadership is defined by communication. Teams can be empowered or stifled based solely on how their leader communicates direction.

We believe each leader should be confident in their leadership style, embrace how they communicate that style within the culture created, and empower their teams to the best of their ability. We do this through the creation of culture and the three leadership communication principles below.

Leadership Communication Principles

Communicating Forward

In success and failure the discussion of an event is based on its potential positive future outcomes.  All outcome discussions should either be based on problem solution or future improvement.

Embracing Proactive Failure

Failure is inevitable in the workplace and in life.  Accepting failure based on maximum effort as the only way to learn frees up individuals to put forth their best effort, work independently, and maximize innovation and productivity.

Positive Framing

The “difficult conversation” is a part of daily life.  The tenor of that conversation can be negative or positive.  Whether it is addressing a developmental need or interpersonal issues, starting with the best possible outcome creates a learning environment rather than a sense of punishment.

Engagement Options

  • Impact Culture Workshop
  • One on One Coaching