Step Away From the Process

My decision to leave the land of the gainfully employed and start my own company wasn’t easy.  In fact, it left me in a trembling puddle of doubt.  I get it, who needs a consistent pay check?  Who needs to pay the bills?  But arriving on the other side of middle age forced me to…


Leaders Set a Culture and See the Future

Through Story 19 Consulting I am already having the great honor of working with incredible leaders. In true thieving fashion as much as I teach them I steal pieces of their brilliance with every meeting. This new venture has sent me on my own nostalgic journey chronicling the incredible leaders that have impacted my life.…


Why, What, How?

It seems as though there is a constant stream of “NEW” in our daily work life. Each addition to the ever present to do list has to be justified as it takes time away from what is already on your plate. Will it have a positive impact (why)? Have we identified the necessary action steps…


Take the Positive Challenge

Year end is here and for many of us this means an avalanche of to do’s both at home and at work. Whether closing the books or writing holiday lists we are faced with a choice each day: is the stress of all of this going to make me go dark? We all know that…


What’s Your Story?

Story 19 Consulting believes that story telling is the fastest way to develop genuine and vulnerable relationships.  What’s Your Story? is a blog about stories from Dan’s life and others that have had meaningful impact.  Stay tuned for the amazing stories we are surrounded by every day.